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Item Description
1Sofa, brown, leather, sectional
2Lot of 3 throw pillow, 1 throw blanket, black/brown
3Mirror, 27"x36", (2) wall shelves
4Lot of (2) vases, decorative plate, (2) coasters
5Set of 3 decorative bowls
6Table runner w/ tassels, black/brown
7Coffee table, square, wood, 48"x48"x16"
8Candle pillar
9Lot of wall décor, (2) plaques
10Chair w/ ottoman, tan
11End table, 28" round, 24" high, iron, wood, glass
12Lamp, brass
13Set of 3 throw pillows
14Set of 2 statues
15Planter w/ artificail flowers
16Decorative planter
17Elephant statue
18Horse stature
19Set of 2 decorative statues
20Set of 2 candle pillars w/ candles, 23" & 20"
21TV stand, black, glass doors, 38"x26"
22Lamp, floral, 28.5"
23Lamp, brass/white, 25.5"
24Coffee table, wood, 52"x21"x16"
25Set of 2 area rugs, 93"x66" & 65"x47.5"
26Drop leaf wood table w/ 4 chairs, 47"x24"x30"
27Patio table, round, glass top w 4 chairs
28Hanging flower decoration
29Enterainment cabinet, wood, 2 mirror doors, 41.5"x83"x20"
30Decorative plant stand, 14.5"
31Lamp, no shade, brass, 33.5"
32Lamp, brass, 32"
33End table, 27" round, 22" high
34Lot of 5 baskets
35Decorative foral arrangement, 32"
36Hanging lamp, 19"
37Mirror, 12 3/4"x33 1/2"
38Decorative bowl
39Set of 2 nesting wicker tables, 20 3/4"x13 1/2"x20 1/2", 16 3/4"x11 3/4"x20 1/2"
40Decorative box
41Lamp, brass, 2 globes, 20"
42Cabinet, wood, 1 drawer, 2 doors, 24.5"x19"x30"
43Decorative plate w/ stand, 18"
44Set of 2 vases, 11 3/4", 7 3/4"
45Saturday Evening Post figurine, 1980, Norman Rockwell
46Set of 4 canisters w/ lids, white ceramic
47Candle pillar, 15", cutting board
48Decorative wall hanging, 22 1/2"
49Candle pillar, 9 3/4"
50Serving cart of wheels, white/glass, 26.5"x19"x33.5"
51Lot of misc. decorations
52Vase, 10"
53Candle pillar, 16 3/4"
54Set of 2 book ends, 10 3/4"
55Set of 2 bar stools, counter height
57Lot of various books
58Kenmore Heavy Duty 70 Series dryer
59GE washer
60Framed art, cheetahs, 29.5"x39"
61Hanging plate rack
62Set of 2 wall hanging pictures, "Blue and White Plate #1--Deer", "Blue and White Plate #2--Cranes" The Bombay Company
63China cabinet, 45"x81"x16.5"
64Decorative plant
65Table, 20.5", mirror top, carved legs
66Set of 3 plant stands, 40", 32.5", 26"
67Wall clock, Howard Miller, has key, but does not run
68Set of 2 candlestick lamps, 32"
69Candle pillar, 18"
70Cabinet, wood, 1 drawer, 2 doors, 43.5"x19"x33"
71Framed painting, Wm Steiner, 23.5"x37.5"
72Decorative floral arrangement
73Hanging mirror, 19.5"x31"
74Wall hanging, candle, decorative vase
75Hanging mirror, 22 3/4"x31"
76Set of 2 mirrors
77Curio cabinet, lighted, 28"x76"x10.5"
78Wall hanging, mirror, plant
79Wicker chair w/ throw pillows
80Framed picture, 30"x34", Glynda Turley 1995, 1529/7500
81Floor lamp, 64"
82Cherub wall hangers (3) w/ curtain
83Table, wicker, glass top w/ 2 chairs
84Lot of misc. decorations
85Plate w/ stand, 20"
86Night stand, 1 drawer, 2 doors, 25"x18"x25"
87Set of 2 throw pillows
88Set of 2 throw pillows
89Chair w/ ottoman
90Table, brass w/ glass top, 56"x17"x27.5"
91Set of 2 lamps, 34"
93Drop leaf clover table, 27.5"x23"
94Dresser w/ mirror, 8 drawers, 65.5"x20"x74.5"
95Decorative plate w/ 2 vases
96Set of 2 decorative vases
97Decorative urn w/ lid
98Set of 2 candle sticks
99Area rug, 90"x63.5"
100Stool, wicker w/ drawer

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