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Item Description
2Lot of 3 throw pillow, 1 throw blanket, black/brown
3Mirror, 27"x36", (2) wall shelves
4Lot of (2) vases, decorative plate, (2) coasters
5Set of 3 decorative bowls
6Table runner w/ tassels, black/brown
8Candle pillar
9Lot of wall décor, (2) plaques
12Lamp, brass
13Set of 3 throw pillows
14Set of 2 statues
15Planter w/ artificail flowers
16Decorative planter
17Elephant statue
18Horse stature
19Set of 2 decorative statues
20Set of 2 candle pillars w/ candles, 23" & 20"
22Lamp, floral, 28.5"
23Lamp, brass/white, 25.5"
25Set of 2 area rugs, 93"x66" & 65"x47.5"
28Hanging flower decoration
30Decorative plant stand, 14.5"
31Lamp, no shade, brass, 33.5"
32Lamp, brass, 32"
34Lot of 5 baskets
35Decorative foral arrangement, 32"
36Hanging lamp, 19"
37Mirror, 12 3/4"x33 1/2"
38Decorative bowl
39Set of 2 nesting wicker tables, 20 3/4"x13 1/2"x20 1/2", 16 3/4"x11 3/4"x20 1/2"
40Decorative box
41Lamp, brass, 2 globes, 20"
43Decorative plate w/ stand, 18"
44Set of 2 vases, 11 3/4", 7 3/4"
45Saturday Evening Post figurine, 1980, Norman Rockwell
46Set of 4 canisters w/ lids, white ceramic
47Candle pillar, 15", cutting board
48Decorative wall hanging, 22 1/2"
49Candle pillar, 9 3/4"
50Serving cart of wheels, white/glass, 26.5"x19"x33.5"
51Lot of misc. decorations
52Vase, 10"
53Candle pillar, 16 3/4"
54Set of 2 book ends, 10 3/4"
57Lot of various books
60Framed art, cheetahs, 29.5"x39"
61Hanging plate rack
62Set of 2 wall hanging pictures, "Blue and White Plate #1--Deer", "Blue and White Plate #2--Cranes" The Bombay Company
64Decorative plant
66Set of 3 plant stands, 40", 32.5", 26"
67Wall clock, Howard Miller, has key, but does not run
68Set of 2 candlestick lamps, 32"
69Candle pillar, 18"
71Framed painting, Wm Steiner, 23.5"x37.5"
72Decorative floral arrangement
73Hanging mirror, 19.5"x31"
74Wall hanging, candle, decorative vase
75Hanging mirror, 22 3/4"x31"
76Set of 2 mirrors
78Wall hanging, mirror, plant
80Framed picture, 30"x34", Glynda Turley 1995, 1529/7500
81Floor lamp, 64"
82Cherub wall hangers (3) w/ curtain
84Lot of misc. decorations
85Plate w/ stand, 20"
87Set of 2 throw pillows
88Set of 2 throw pillows
91Set of 2 lamps, 34"
95Decorative plate w/ 2 vases
96Set of 2 decorative vases
97Decorative urn w/ lid
98Set of 2 candle sticks
99Area rug, 90"x63.5"
100Stool, wicker w/ drawer
101Lot of bathroom accessories, (2) soap dishes, (2) cups, towel holder
102Decorative floral urn, (2) candle sticks
103Set of 2 candlestick lamps, 36"
104Wicker stand, candle pillar, basket
105Set of 3 glass vases
106Set of 2 mirrors
110Hanging mirror
114Wicker laundry hamper
115Bowl w/ artificial flowers
116Set of 2 candles
117Lamp, 33"
118Decorative plate w/ stand, 10"
121Mirror, 33.5"x30.5"
122Framed picture, 26"x41.5"
123Vase w/ flowers, candle
124Mirror, 29.5"x22"
125Area rug, 65"x46"
126Decorative stand, 33"
127Decorative stand, 33"
131Area rug, 66"x47.5"
132Round braided area rug, 97.5"
133Braided area rug, 111"x88"
134Braided runner, 104.5"x24"
135Braided rug, 52"x32"
137Floor lamp

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